Reading Guide 1

Textbook Reading Guide – Unit 1

There’s no real reading assignment for Unit 1 in the textbook. All unit 1 reading is here on this website and in the syllabus.  But, you should familiarize yourself with the textbook, the various options you have for it (free online, buy a print copy, download PDF, etc), and choose which option(s) you’ll most likely use.

It’s important to check this “Textbook Reading Guide” for each Unit.  Start to study each unit by reading the Jim’s Guide I’ve written and provided on this site. But then check the Reading Guide for that unit and it will tell you which chapter(s) and/or pages to read in your textbook for that unit.  This will prove very helpful for two reasons. First, the chapters in the textbook aren’t necessarily aligned and in the same order as the topics we’re studying in each unit.  You cannot assume, for example, that “Unit 7” in the course equals “chapter 7” in the textbook.  It doesn’t.  The other advantage of checking the Reading Guide for each unit is that I’ll have tips about which sections of each chapter are most important and which ones you can either skip or just skim.  I know your time is valuable and I’m trying to help you get the most out of your textbook.