Reading Guide

You’re in luck!  There’s no assigned textbook reading for Unit 1.

However, you do need to read the following very closely:

  • The syllabus for the course. 
  • The recommended schedule.

Links to both of these documents are provided in your school’s learning management system.

But here’s a reminder:  If you don’t already have a copy of the textbook, I highly recommend getting a printed copy if you can at all afford it.  If you have access to free printing, then downloading the free .pdf version is a good option. In my opinion, studying the text from a printed copy is superior to only reading it online.  Keep in mind, I”m no Luddite, anti-tech guy.  I’m pretty advanced and I do most everything digitally.  I read most of my books either online or on Kindle, but print still works best for a textbook, IMO.